Opposite: Maharaja singing at a Ranganiketan performance in Malaysia

“The Ranganiketan Manipuri Cultural Arts troupe is a charming ensemble of young Manipuri men and women presenting their ancient arts with enthusiasm and vigor. The drumming is highly virtuosic and exciting, the dancing, in lovely costumes, graceful and elegant.”

Beate Gordon, The Asia Society

“The brilliant costumes, dance, stunning martial arts, dazzling weapons displays and hypnotic drum performances gave our Marin County audience an insider’s appreciation of the arts and culture of Manipur. It was a once-in-a-life-time experience for Americans to see the traditions of Manipur unfold throughout the performance and I am certain the audience will remember the evening for a long time to come.”

Jim Farley, Marin Center

“Words cannot describe the magic and beauty expressed in your cultural troupe’s performance in our summer festival. Countless audience members came up to me after the show and expressed their awe, amazement and delight at the fine performance your artists displayed.”

Courtney Bullock, City celebration, San Francisco

“This performance, made in cooperation with the city’s cultural services, gave us the opportunity to appreciate the gentleness, the seriousness and the very great talent of the Manipuri people. This show was outstanding in all respects.”

Paul Dardier, Mayor of Mirepoix, France