Above: A small child as Sri Krishna

Bottom: Ranganiketan Manipuri Cultural Arts Troupe

drop cap Throughout Maharaja’s lifetime he has organized and attended numerous festivals and conferences all over the world. At these functions he has introduced and shared, through the medium of the arts, the divine principle of Vaishnava culture, which he received from Srila Prabhupada. He has introduced this Culture through the literary arts, culinary arts and performing arts at a myriad of venues ranging from urban schools to the most prestigious universities, from senior citizen centers to the Kennedy Center, from South America to Singapore and to audiences from elementary school students to heads of states. Maharaja’s presenting and sharing of the divine principle of Vaishnava culture, to countless people around the world, truly makes him an Ambassador of Bhagavata Culture.

Maharaja founded the Ranganiketan Manipuri Cultural Arts Troupe in 1989 in order to introduce the Bhagavata Culture of Manipur to the world. “Ranganiketan”, which means “House of Colorful Arts”, is a diverse group of dancers, musicians, singers, martial artists, choreographers and craft artisans. Ranganiketan began its first international tour in 1990, with engagements in Europe and North America and has since then toured all over the world on a regular basis.


When arranging Ranganiketan’s world tours, Maharaja places a special emphasis on educational programs. More than half of Ranganiketan’s performances take place before young audiences. Carefully created instructional materials prepare students for the performance, and lectures and demonstrations help them further understand what they have seen. In 1993, Maharaja wrote a section for the Los Angeles County Unified School District’s Artsource. Artsource is a teacher’s guide used to educate the over one and a half million students of Los Angeles County. The materials written by Maharaja were descriptions of the Rasa Lila pastime of Sri Sri Radha - Krishna and of the beautiful nature of Vrindavan.


Top: Maharaja answering questions from children after a Ranganiketan performance at the Kennedy Center

Bottom: Maharaja explaining to school children where Manipur is located