Location of barrack near Loktak Lake

brought his family to a barrack on the bank of the Yangoi River, which runs into Loktak Lake, in order to shelter them from the bombs and other dangers of warfare. Not long after relocating to the barrack, Damodara’s father abruptly passed away of typhoid.


The war eventually came to an end, and shortly thereafter, by the will of Providence, Damodara was separated from his mother and two sisters and went to live with an uncle. His uncle was very poor and struggling to pay even the medical expenses of his daughter who was seriously ill. Although only a child, young Damodara could see his uncle’s helpless economic situation and not wanting to be a burden on anyone Damodara insisted that he be allowed to live alone. His uncle was reluctant, yet due to his financial condition he was obliged to consent.

At the age of twelve, Damodara was living on his own, depending on the income from the cultivation of the paddy field left to him by his father. Working in the fields to maintan himself, Damodara could not find the time to devote to his studies. Young Damodara faced all these difficulties with great courage and determination. He was never heard to complain about anything.

A couple of years later, by the loving effort of Sri Yadav Singh, Damodara’s primary school teacher, arrangements were made for Damodara to be taken care of by a distant uncle, Sri Kerani Singh. Sri Kerani Singh was a colleague of Sri Yadav Singh and he showed Damodara much affection and took care of his every need. At that time, being fully provided for, Damodara was able to resume his studies. His teachers found him to be a bright, diligent, sincere, humble and dedicated student. They all loved him dearly.

When Damodara was fourteen years old he became seriously ill with typhoid. The village physicians unanimously announced that Damodara would soon die. However, by the mercy of Sri Krishna, under the care of his uncle and a naturopathic doctor from the city of Imphal, Damodara, after fasting for forty days and drinking only whey, miraculously recovered.

From his early childhood Damodara was very attracted to hearing the pastimes of the Lord. On one occasion he spent the entire night watching the Divine Rasa Lila dance and consequently missed his final examination of 5th standard mathematics, which

yadav_singh kerani_singh

Top to Bottom: Sri Yadav Singh

Sri Kerani Singh

Depiction of Rasa Lila dance